Meg Foster provides support to family caregivers.

Integrated health is the fusion of body, mind, social and spiritual well-being.

As family caregivers, it is important to have an active balance in these areas. We should build a strong internal foundation through self-awareness. Then we should continue maintaining our integrated health – so we can not only better assist our loved ones but survive and thrive during our time as a caregiver.

Family caregivers that have loved ones with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or that are in stroke recovery, need support on this arduous caregiver journey. Meg provides the right balance of pragmatic advice and tools to support family caregivers.

For those seekers new on the journey or those well-traveled on the path, you can find in Meg Foster’s blog and teachings — a structured step-by-step process to assist you on the caregiver journey.

Here's How I Can Help Caregivers

Classes & Workshops

Meg Foster offers family caregiver teachings through courses, workshops and speaking events.

New Book!

New Book:  7 Spiritual Steps for Caregivers: A Path to Meaning and Hope in Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiving

In addition to the book, a comprehensive set of support tools — including, audio, a study guide, journal, calendar and more.

Videos & Blog



I write passages and share videos here. I provide caregiver insights, inspiration and integrated health guidance. Enjoy and please participate and share your story!

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