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Ten years ago, I was an “insider” at the large healthcare systems as a trusted consultant but quickly became an “outsider” as my husband was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and I had to navigate the complex and confusing health care systems and advocate for my husband’s proper diagnosis, treatment, medication and assistance from community resources. I was his caregiver for seven years as we continued on two different but related journeys together.

As an Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiver, my friends and colleagues noticed I was traveling down the tumultuous path easier than others due to my having developed a self-awareness and integrative health practice many years prior. It was then that I discovered the widespread need for an integrative health care approach for family caregivers.

My integrative health care approach for caregivers gives structure and a step-by-step process for those just beginning to build their self-awareness as a caregiver – but also it can bolster those well on a caregiver path that are looking for deeper meaning in their lives. Knowing who we are, asking ourselves the holistic questions and living a self-aware life in every way, every day, will strengthen our core so that we can live outwardly with purpose and connection the way we were intended to… with love, compassion and kindness toward ourselves and others.


Meg Foster is an author, consultant, filmmaker and speaker in the fields of health care transformation and caregiving support.

Meg is a health care consultant and strategist on transformational care plans for health care systems working with hundreds of physicians, nurses, clinic managers, staff and executives on projects improving quality of care, reducing health care costs and improving the patient experience.

She is a filmmaker and advocates health and spiritual care for all and demonstrated that social theme in the feature length comedy-drama film she wrote, directed and produced called Stealing Roses that stars John Heard and Cindy Williams. The film is about a man struggling to pay for his wife’s critical medical treatments and the choices he makes for love – the film is available now on Amazon Prime.

Meg enjoys being a mountain climber and hike leader (having summited over 18 mountains and led hundreds of hikes for the public) in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys nature in all its healing beauty. She is a native of Detroit, Michigan and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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