Many of us caregivers struggle alone – until we realize we need to recruit and form a team to help us take care of our loved one. Our team may include our family, friends, neighbors, physicians, social workers, community health workers, and support groups (whether they are spiritual, religious or disease-specific). We are as connected to these team members as we are to our loved one we are serving.

But if we devote time to contemplate our journey in spiritual reflection – a caregiver may find that their “team” is larger than what they originally thought.

In fact, one may find that we are connected to not just people we have physical contact with but all on earth (people, nature, animals) and our Higher Power. This is the concept of “interconnectivity” and “oneness” that many different faiths and spiritual leaders teach.

But why should a caregiver even understand interconnectivity and oneness with all on earth? Many might say they can barely keep their head above water on a daily basis with all the care coordination and stress one has as a caregiver.

Well, I assure you that understanding interconnectivity and oneness with all – will help you with your caregiver duties since this is where you will find hope in your caregiving journey. Not hope that your loved one may be immediately cured of their ailments – but hope in knowing you and your loved one have not been abandoned.

As caregivers, we are having a deep and shared experience with our loved one. We have to go very deep within to connect with them as their disease progresses – beyond our normal communication patterns. We open our hearts, look in their eyes, we touch their hands and hold them – as we do a newborn. We feel their connection to us.

We can also feel and know this on a larger scale with all on earth. We can find the hope that we are not alone in our journey or in our world and that are loved one will be eventually returning, lovingly, to their Higher Power.

To find this oneness is to find, ultimately, love. It is a universal love that is there waiting for us to find it. The illusion is that we are separate – and separated from our Higher Power and each other but we are not. On a spiritual level we are one. We are all one – connected through universal consciousness.

And in that, caregiver, you will find that you and your loved one are not alone.

Suffering and pain may be eased but it may not be completely eliminated for some as they learn about oneness. But to understand we are connected and on spiritual journeys with a sole (or soul) reason to experience life on earth and connect back to our Higher Power can strengthen your spiritual foundation as a caregiver.

Whew! Was that too much? Well…it may click and it may take time. Many people write and speak of oneness and interconnectivity. You can find different ways that explain the same concept. But a mental construct or explanation is not be enough for most to feel oneness. To find oneness a person can utilize a simple practice of meditation or practicing presence (being in the “now” as Eckhart Tolle teaches).

Next week I will share a Caregiver Meditation with you on my blog. Please reflect on the quote below and questions that follow.

Inspirational Quote for Contemplation:
“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”
– Thích Nhat Hanh

Below are a few spiritual introspective questions for you to take time to reflect upon. Journal your answers and please share if you wish.

  • What is your concept of spiritual “oneness” and “interconnectivity” with your loved ones, others in your community, everyone on earth, and with your Higher Power?
  • How has caregiving affected how you connect with family members, friends and strangers that you meet?

Finding the interconnectivity in your caregiving is Spiritual Step 5 of 7 for caregivers which will be reviewed in my upcoming book 7 Spiritual Steps for Caregivers™: A Path to Meaning and Hope in Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiving.

Wishing you Light on your Caregiver Path,